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Water Filter Taps

Water filter systems for domestic kitchen supply have a few delivery options. Many people like to have a separate single tap for their filtered water, while others prefer the tidy appeal of a single monobloc mixer tap that has a three way tap, or indeed a 3 single taps delivering through a single tri-flow tap system. Some systems have one spout but the filtered water travels up it separately from the normal hot and cold supply, to prevent contamination of filtered water.

If you do want filtered water or descaled water in addition to your existing 'cold' supply, you can have one mixer tap that delivers filtered water in addition to your hot and cold supply.

Triflow models are 3 way taps that manage this with an extra lever or tap to control the water from your filter. Three way taps can also deliver boiling hot and/or chilled water. Alternatively you may want a separate tap dedicated to your antiscale and/or filter unit concealed under your kitchen sink. If you also want your filtered water to arrive out the tap boiling or hot enough for tea making, look at our instant hot water taps also.